• Convivial for Civic leverages the CivicTheme design system providing a solid foundation for building consistent and beautiful websites.
  • Convivial for Civic ships with a strong content model and flexible components for building functional sites which address user needs.
  • Convivial for Civic has been designed with personalisation at its core with structured content and a user profile based on user behaviour.

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Getting started
convivial for civic
Review Convivial for Civic

Take a look around this demonstration site and learn about the features of Convivial for Civic.

convivial for civic - personalisation

Help your users achieve their goals faster with improved user flows and relevant, promoted tasks tailored to their context and journey.

convivial for civic - extended components
Extended components

Power up your site with more components to improve content design and structure. Try out Timelines, Interactive charts, Geocharts, Gallery, Lightbox among others.

convivial for civic - Content as a Service
Content as a Service

Serve content from Drupal onto other platforms using JSON API. Site builders can configure this functionality using ‘no-code’ tools.

convivial for civic - content types
Useful content types

You’ll be ready to build your site with content types we found commonly used on government sites: Listing, audience, topic, page, article, article type, resource, event, and FOI.

convivial for civic - decision trees
Decision trees

Guide your user through complex legislation by creating simplified set-by-step flows of conditions. You need only use this Drupal-native solution to present answers relevant to their journey.

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Arrange a demo

If you think Convivial for Civic might be right for you, please arrange a demo with Morpht to discuss your project and how we can help.