What is CivicTheme?

CivicTheme is an open source theme and design system aims at solving the needs of Australian government agencies. CivicTheme is based off pre-existing patterns an approaches found in the former Australian Government Design Systems and earlier versions of starter themes for GovCMS. CivicTheme has been developed to fill a gap where government agencies had no natural design system to rely on after the AuDS was discontinued.

Morpht supports CivicTheme

The development of the CivicTheme is seen by Morpht as a positive development in the GovCMS community. CivicTheme fills the gap left by the Australian Government Design System. It provides a complete system of components, design assets, theme and Drupal starting point. Morpht has therefore taken the time to learn CivicTheme and has extended it with its own knowhow.

What is Convivial for Civic?

Convivial for Civic is a starter site developed by Morpht and is based on CivicTheme. It incorporates many of the patterns and components Morpht developed by over the years. Specifically, Convivial for Civic extends the CivicTheme functionality with these out of the box features:

  • Useful content types
  • Extra components
  • Extra view modes
  • Personalisation

Who is Morpht?

Morpht is a Drupal development agency specialising in UX, GovCMS, personalisation and AI integrations. and Drupal. We are very strong supporters of the GovCMS ecosystem and have been active members of the community for the past 5 years. Morpht is a leading supplier on the Drupal Services Panel and has built and maintained sites for: AGD, DOH, DOF, TGA and many others.

How can Convivial for Civic help?

Convivial for Civic is a starter site with thousands of hours of knowhow built into it. When a new project starts with such solid foundations, development is rapid. We concentrate on solving the unique problems of your site rather than reinventing the wheel.

Next steps

  • Convivial for Civic ships with editor and marketer friendly features for superior digital experiences.
  • Government agencies can readily take advantage of the advanced features of Convivial and the design capabilities of CivicTheme.
  • Book a demo session with a solution architect from Morpht to find out how we can use Convivial for Civic to fast track your next project.